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How do I start?

There are plenty of sea rowing clubs in Wales with a fully developed race calendar of about 25 races. If you go to the WSRA website and look at the map you can find your nearest club. Most clubs offer learn to row sessions for beginners. Alternatively make use of the assistance available to set up your own club! The WSRA has a couple of hire boats specifically for this purpose. The boats are stable and generally easy to learn to row in. They are also easily capable of accommodating those with altered ability.

Sea Rowing

Organised sea rowing in Wales is a relatively young sport but is expanding rapidly. Nearly all sea rowing in Wales takes place in Celtic Longboats. These are fixed seat boats, although there are a few sliding seat boats around. The Celtic Longboat is a fixed seat coxed four and is a very seaworthy and safe boat. There are currently about 95 in Wales and several in Ireland. Welsh clubs do attend European and World club championships for sea rowing. It is a community sport, very inclusive and welcoming at all levels. However, it does have an extremely adventurous side. League races are 3 - 4 miles while Welsh non-league races range from about 7 - 14 miles. Then there is the Celtic Challenge, an overnight continuous race from Arklow in Ireland to Aberystwyth in Wales. Racing can be extremely competitive, or as much fun as you like. There are also many social rows available for you to join in.