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Indoor Rowing Workshop


The aim of this workshop by Welsh Rowing is to teach individuals the right skills and knowledge, so that they can introduce safe and effective indoor rowing sessions for everyone. The workshops are open to anyone to participate in regardless of ability as the rowing machines can be adapted in multiple ways including fixed seats, frames to replace the slide or audio commentary can even be provided via apps which accommodate for a wide variety of people with disabilities. 

This will be done using the following learning outcomes from the 4 hour workshop:

  • Understand how to properly prepare the rowing machine
  • Understand the correct rooting technique and the key points for its implementation
  • Know how to train indoor rowing bases and adhere to British Rowing Technique
  • General maintenance on indoor rowing machine
  • Awareness of how to develop your own knowledge and the opportunities in rowing
  • Information about presenting indoor and indoor rowing opportunities

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For those who have been in the Indoor Rowing Workshop, the Operational Handbook of the Training Providers is available here.

‚ÄčWe aim to meet the requirements of our rowing community by organising workshops where there is demand. You can contact us to organise a workshop at a location of your choice, and there will be an opportunity for your organisation to complete the course with coaches and employees of your choice.