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Rowing for Wales

Home International Regatta

Home International Regatta 2017 was held in Strathclyde on 22nd July. 

To represent Wales at the Home International Regatta you must fulfil one of the requirements below and be able to provide evidence in support of your eligibility: 
- Having been born in Wales. 
- Having a parent or Grandparent born in Wales. 
- Having resided for not less than six consecutive months in Wales and having been a member of a rowing club therein during that time. 
- Where a rower lives in Home Country A and rows in Home Country B actively for more than six months that athlete may opt once to row for either country. 
- Where a rower has competed for Wales before. 
- Having been educated in country for 5 years at primary and/or secondary level 

Selection policies for senior and junior teams are now available.  

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Commonwealth Games

The last commonwealth games was held in Glasgow in 2014. 

Wales achieved 4th place overall including:

Gold - Women’s Single 500m
Gold - Mixed Eight 1500m 

Silver - Lwt Women’s Single 1500m
Silver - Men’s Double Scull 500m 
Silver - Men’s Double Scull 1500m
Silver - Men’s Single 500m

Bronze - Women’s Single 1500m
Bronze - Men’s Single 1500m
Bronze - Women’s Double Scull 500m
Bronze - Women’s Pair 1500m 
Bronze - Lwt Women’s Single 500m

The Welsh 2014 Team:
Josh Bugajski, Tom Clark, Matt Hnatiw, Pete Robinson, Jack Thomas, Becca Chin, Gemma Hall, Megan Jackson, Helen Roberts, Bethan Walters