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Rowing for Wales

Wales will send teams to the Home International Regatta in 2022, as the 2020 and 2021 events were cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  

Home International Regatta

The Home International Regatta 2022 will be held on 23rd July 2022. England will host this

To represent Wales at the Home International Regatta you must fulfil one of the requirements below and be able to provide evidence in support of your eligibility: 
- Having been born in Wales. 
- Having a parent or Grandparent born in Wales. 
- Having resided for not less than six consecutive months in Wales and having been a member of a rowing club therein during that time. 
- Where a rower lives in Home Country A and rows in Home Country B actively for more than six months that athlete may opt once to row for either country. 
- Where a rower has competed for Wales before. 
- Having been educated in country for 5 years at primary and/or secondary level 

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For juniors, we would recommend attending our development days, which aim to raise the standard of junior rowing in Wales, and to familiarise Welsh athletes with each other in advance of HIR.  Email for more details and to be emailed when dates for the 2022 season are confirmed, or sign up to the newsletter above.